The Origin of Our Name, Colors and Logos

Jul 22, 2021

How did the newest NA3HL team become the Sea Captains? Why did we choose crimson, navy and pewter as our colors? How did we get our gorgeous logos? It’s all here!

When we acquired our franchise we wanted a team name that represented the proud nautical history of the City of Norwich, known as the Rose of New England. Founded in 1659 the city quickly became a key shipping port during the 17th and 18th centuries and particularly throughout the Revolutionary War. Captains from Norwich were know for their skill at avoiding Imperial taxation prior to the war and then eluding British warships during the war that ultimately led to our nation’s independence. The Sea Captains proudly represent Norwich and its rich history.

Crimson, navy and pewter were selected as the team’s colors to help cultivate a classic look to our uniforms. The colors are an homage to numerous New England athletic teams and colleges that have come before us who have used these colors. These bold colors balance each other well and will help us create a unique, but still familiar brand.

Designing our logos was the next step in establishing our brand and we are deeply indebted to Shana Popyk for her amazing efforts. She turned two very rudimentary ideas into our beautiful logos that we believe will be easily identifiable for years to come. The Norwich wordmark logo is a bold logo with a subtle wave undertones. Our icon logo borrows the N and anchor from our wordmark logo in a clean look. The salty Sea Captain is a strong visual representation of our program and the strength, skill and commitment to a team that we want to be synonymous with the Norwich Sea Captains. If you are in need of a logo for your team, business or other organization please consider Shana. You can connect with her at her website HERE.